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Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

Most pools today are made of fibreglass. The sturdy, durable, and easy maintainability of this material makes it a popular choice for swimming pools. When you have a swimming pool, one of the things you can add it to have more fun is a waterslide. Kids love it and even adults enjoy it. The waterslide will be a great attraction at parties. Waterslides are common in concrete pools. The question is can you have waterslide in pools made of fibreglass? The article looks at the answer to this question.


Why Add A Water Slide?

A waterslide is a great addition to a home pool. There are many benefits of adding a water slide. They include:

  • A waterslide is great fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than sliding down into a pool and landing with a splash. This is a fun activity that children relish. It is not just children but people of all ages who would like to have fun using a waterslide.
  • The entire family can have fun when you add a waterslide to your pool. You can create great memories with the family by spending quality time together in the pool.
  • A waterslide makes your pool look better. It improves the overall aesthetics of your pool area and your home.
  • When you organize pool parties, your waterslide will be the center of attraction. You will find no one misses your pool parties since they can have great fun.
  • A waterslide offers relaxation. Even when you are not using the pool, allowing water to run down the slide creates a waterfall-like effect. The sound is tranquil and relaxing. You can sit by the pool and meditate, listening to the sound or just relax. This is a great way to beat stress.
  • A waterslide looks like a complex accessory to a swimming pool. However, it is easy to maintain and does not require any running costs on maintenance.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Water Slide

You can install a water slide for your fibreglass pool and enjoy all its benefits. Once you decide that you want a water slide, then there are a few considerations to keep in mind. These are factors you need to consider before going ahead with your purchase.

1) Material used

A waterslide will be ideal for your fibreglass swimming pool. This is because almost all waterslides are made from fibreglass. The fibreglass is molded to create the shape of the slide and is contained within a metal frame that offers support. Pools can be made using polyethylene or acrylic material. These are durable but they may be affected by the UV radiation from the sun. A metal slide is the cheapest option. The problem is they get heated very fast and can be very comfortable to use on a hot day.


2) The slide color

Blue is the most common color for water slides. This is a universal color that goes with the pool color and looks good. Tan is another popular option you can consider. The slide you use can be of any color of your choice. Choose a color that blends well with the background, so it helps create a good appearance.


3) Slide with water supply

You can get a water slide that has its own water supply. This makes it exactly like a water slide found in amusement parks. Water is taken from the pool and flows back into the pool. You will have options to regulate the flow of water. You can make it run as a trickle or as a rapid stream. You can even keep a hose at the top but this wastes tap water and people may trip on the hose.


4) Types of water slides

There are different types of water slides. They come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. You can choose the one you like based on your needs and the budget. You can also consider the space available and the background before selecting the type of water slide. Some of the types include:

  1. Straight decline: This is a straightforward type of pool that slopes from top to bottom. It is a common slide type and the easiest to install.
  2. Slides with a soft curve: You can get a slide that has a soft curve. This offers more fun and is also comfortable to use for the entire family.
  3. 360-degree turn slides: These are the adventurous types of water slides. They have a number of turns and can include a 360 degrees turn. This is great fun for children and teens. It is not suitable for the elderly. It also requires a lot more space.
  4. Zigzag slides: These slides have a zigzag design allowing you to have more fun using them.


While deciding the type of waterslide, you also need to decide the height of the slide. This again depends on the space available and your needs. Manufacturers offer multiple options and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


5) Access to the slide

This can depend on your home and the background. If your house has rocks, you can fix the slide top to the rocks, so users can directly slide down the rock. It is even possible to fix the slide top to a balcony and use it to slide. This calls for more precautions to be taken. Conventionally, a slide will have steps to be used and the entire unit can be placed on the deck. It is always better to have a slide that faces the house so you can keep an eye on it when kids are using it.


6) Who uses the pool?

When you decide to get a water slide, a key factor to consider is who will use the pool. If it is the entire family, you need to get a straight decline or soft curve type of pool. This ensures everyone can use it comfortably. If only kids are using, you can look at zigzag slides. For teens and young adults, you can look at adventurous options like 360-degree turn slides.


7) Local approvals

Local councils can have norms regarding the use of water slides, their height, etc. It is always advisable to check with them before going ahead. In some cases, you may need to take approval before proceeding. If you use the services of a pool consultant, they will be able to take care of this aspect.

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How Much Will A Water Slide Cost?

The cost of the water slide will entirely depend on the factors discussed above. The material you choose, the shape and size of the slide, inclusion of water supply are factors that determine the cost of the water slide. You can get water slides at different price ranges. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You can get quotes from different contractors before choosing one. Ensure all costs, including installation are included in the quote.

Adding a water slide to your home swimming pool is a great idea. The pool will allow you and your family to have fun and spend quality time together. You can get in touch with a pool contractor or consultant to decide the type of slide suitable for your pool.

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