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How Long Does It Take to Install a Fibreglass Pool?

One of the easier and hassle-free pools to install, the fibreglass pool should be your go-to pool of choice. Easier to maintain, these pools have seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years. Although they are on the steeper side of the spectrum, their low maintenance more than makes up for the costs. They will last you at least a decade or so and can be installed in less than a week if things go smoothly.

With modern advancements in technology, our lives have become easier than ever. This rise of convenience has come with a steep sophistication of technology. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind:

Location of Your Pool

If the pool is in your backyard, then how the machines will reach the pool and how wide the entrance is will play a huge hand. The heavier machinery usually needs a lot of space to operate and can cause considerable delays. They also need good access to the pool site, so, with a narrow pathway or house wall there, coming in and out can be very tough. If your backyard has rock below the surface, then that too can hamper the project significantly.

Time Of Installation

The best time to get a pool is just at the onset of summer. The pool will be utilized fully during the peak heat, and you shall have many fond memories of the events that happened. Take into consideration the fact that it takes about a week or so just to install the pool. You’ll need proper permissions beforehand and will also need to seek the permissions for construction. Fibreglass pools are premade in a factory, so it might take time to get one shipped to your location.

If you live in a gated society, this can get very tricky because the permissions are harder to come by. It can take a few weeks before yours is approved. Installing a pool needs careful planning on your part, as there is a heavy chance that your neighbor might object to all the noise that might happen. Construction workers usually work on multiple sites so that they can maximize their profits. Thus having the best workers/contractors might take some time.

Swimming Pool Wide Image


When looking into pool installation, what you will realize is that pools are in demand mostly in the summer season. You can take advantage of this fact and either get your pool installed in the winners or very early summers. This way, you can easily avoid the rush hour of this seasonal industry and often can get lower prices in the off-season. Not only does this help your pocket but also your peace of mind. Since you wouldn’t be on a strict timeline, unprecedented events can be accounted for. Even if there is a mistake here or there, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it.

Relevant Permissions

The Local Council needs to be informed of any pools that might be built in the area. It is your solemn duty to inform of any such operations on your property and seek relevant permission from them. After you are done planning for the pool, you must submit one developmental application. At this point, you can also submit an application for permission for construction on your property. Most of the time, the contractor can get you through the process very easily, but if you are on your own plan in advance. Local Council decisions are often delayed and sometimes dependent on how you interact with them, so make sure you present your case strongly. The application details all the construction that is going to take place and how the safety standards will be implemented.

Different places have different ways of handling things. Some places are quick about such things while others may take some time. The best way to make sure you have a hassle-free pool installation is to submit the application as early as possible. During the summers, the council would be flooded with requests for these approvals. Get a head start by putting your application early. This would make up for any delays that may happen on the council’s part.

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Miscellaneous Things

Heavy machinery and construction workers are just some variables that you will have to encounter while getting a pool. These are just some of the things that can lead to a delay. Delayed shipment of the pool can also get the work to a standstill. Specialized workers like electricians and fencers often are booked at multiple places. This can get tricky once their demand increases in the peak season. Thus make sure you are ready for delays due to so many things that can go wrong.

Also, the hole dug for your pool plays an important role in the installation. If the hole is not up to the exact measurements, then there is a chance that the pool wouldn’t fit. The hole would have to be done for installation. This can easily add 2-3 days to your installation times.

How Is The Pool Installed?

One convenient thing about Fibreglass pools is that it comes premade from the factory and only needs to be put in a cavity. This makes it very easy to install if proper steps have been taken. The large selection of pools available in the catalog should be able to fit your needs. But if you want something custom-made, that can also be done easily. The design options are limitless with a fibreglass pool. The pool needs to be put on a very solid foundation as this is the most crucial step of all. The fit of the pool will determine whether it will move after it has been installed or not. The earth below keeps moving, and if the foundation is not strong, this can lead to cracks later on. The gaps in the foundation are filled with mostly concrete to make it a perfect fit.

Swimming Pool Image

Does it Last long?

Fibreglass pools are very sturdy and can last a decade or two before you even need to think about repairs. They are generally very easy to maintain and are hygienic too. The chemical balance of the fibreglass pool is very easy to maintain as the inner layer of the pool does not react with chlorine. If you have a concrete or a vinyl pool, the chlorine reacts with the inner layer and usually makes the water murky. Also, every other type of pool except the fibreglass promotes algae and bacteria growth one way or the other.

Thus, fibreglass is the best option when it comes to getting a pool. Easy to install and low on maintenance, the pool serves you well for a very long time. The shapes you get are second to none and can also be modeled as per your requirements. These features alone make the pool worth it for anyone looking to get a pool installed. Keep in mind the points that we have mentioned, and your pool installation will go in smoothly and without any trouble. It is best to be prepared at all times and talk to previous owners too. You can easily find reputable builders online or by talking to other pool owners.

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