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Important Information to Help You Choose the Right Pool Builder

So, you’ve finally decided to transform your backyard into a Thai-resort kind by installing a swimming pool. That’s great! You may have gone a step further and started planning the kind of pool you want, the material and colors, finish, and extra features to be incorporated. Ultimately, we know you want to create a stunning appearance and feel. Well, that’s even great. However, have you thought about how to find a pool builder that can meet your exact specifications and expectations?


This article provides tips to help you choose a reliable pool builder that works to bring alive your thoughts.

Check Customer Reviews

This is the first and foremost thing you need to check. Negative customer feedback is a red flag, meaning you should stop going ahead with the pool builder. We recommend you check with your colleagues, friends, and relatives that have bought a pool. Your close ones honestly recommend a pool company that is trustworthy. They will in fact warn you to stay away from pool builders with whom they had hassles.

Check the pool builder website for more feedback but do not rely on those reviews alone. Determine the company’s customer base and for how long they’ve been into the business to gain a better understanding.


How reliable is the pool builder you are considering? Do they have a company website? Have they shared their phone numbers and email IDs for the customers to get in touch with them? Additionally, you should make sure they are registered and insured by cross-checking with the government database.

Industry Certification

Another way to determine a pool company’s trustworthiness is by checking if they are registered with any regulators or industry bodies. Registering with spa associations and other such bodies is an indication the company is a serious player in the industry. Wait! Do not simply trust the company’s word on their certification; do your homework. Check online databases and ensure the company is talking truth and reliable.

These organization databases are also a great place to begin your search for a pool builder, in case you don’t yet have a pool company on your mind.

Are They Experienced Enough To Bring Alive Your Vision?

fibreglass swimming pool is a valued addition to your property. So, it is important for your pool builder to be well-reviewed and trustworthy. Additionally, he should come with rich experience to create a unique look and feel you are looking for. Since pool construction, installation, technologies, and design widely vary, you cannot turn your dream into reality if you don’t hire a pool company with experience in delivering the kind you want.



As said earlier, a pool is a great addition to your home and can enhance the curb appeal of your property, provided you’ve done it right.

A good pool company follows a collaborative approach by maintaining continuous communication with the client. Pool designers take into account your thoughts and preferences, however, they suggest changes where they feel your ideas are not practical. Further, you can ensure to have a great swimming pool in your backyard only when you and your pool designer walk together through the entire process of pool building and installation.

Check with the pool company whether they are open to being collaborative and proceed only if you are happy with their way of operation.

You can make out how good the pool company is at maintaining communication by the time you have a couple of meetings with them. Stop if you need to chase them to take the matter ahead.

Can They Handle The Regulatory Work?

This is yet another important thing to check when you are looking to hire a reliable pool builder. The pool builder you choose should be aware of your state’s rules and regulations involved in building and installing a pool and well-equipped to handle the regulatory work. Construction permits vary from place to place, so you are best advised to look for a pool builder in your area that can deliver what you want.

Products Used By The Pool Company

You should make yourself aware of the products the pool company uses for building their pools. These products should ensure top quality and have good reviews in the market. Most importantly, they must be backed by satisfactory warranties.

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty covers issues such as structural problems, plumbing leaks, and pool movement. While the minimum warranty for workmanship is 12 months with most companies and in most states, you can talk to them for extending the same.

When inquiring about workmanship warranty, make sure who pays for what and the extent of coverage in case a repair occurs.

How Efficient Is Their Project Planning?

A renowned pool company will plan and tailor each project to meet individual client requirements. A pool project plan generally covers details of:

  • Pool location
  • Location of filter and pump
  • The elevation of your pool in relation to your backyard
  • Fence layout (if you prefer fencing)
  • Patio dimensions
  • Retaining walls, deck, access lane and yard drainage

If the pool company you are selecting provides a detailed project plan, they are more likely to be professional. On the other hand, if they do not prefer anything in writing and simply talk it over, you better start searching for someone else.

Contract Details

Once you decide to enter into a contract with a pool builder, make sure they mention every minute detail in the formal written document. The pricing, dates of work commencement and estimated completion, extra costs, including the fencing and decking (if you choose to have), should be in writing. The contract should be signed by both you and your pool builder. You can avoid unwanted confusion and misunderstanding later on if you have everything documented before the project begins.

The above tips help you make an informed decision when choosing a pool builder. Have them in mind to have a good experience installing a fibreglass pool in your backyard.

Make no mistakes, to be able to enjoy your pool over the long term.

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