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Knowing The Safety and Planning Laws For Brisbane

What better way to enjoy Brisbane’s magnificent weather than with a swimming pool right at your back doorstep? Having a pool of your very own is the perfect reason to get outside more to enjoy the sun and fresh air. The best part? You can do this any time you like, 365 days a year. Here at Swimming Pools Brisbane, we design, manufacture, and install showstopping Brisbane Fibreglass Pools that are the epitome of the easy-going Aussie lifestyle.

Our entire range is versatile, fashionable and technologically modern, and we are continuously updating our pool series to bring our customers the very best swimming pool that money can buy. You can be assured that when you purchase a pool with us you are getting the most contemporary design available. You’d be hard-pressed to not find something you love with us. We work hard to ensure that each of our customers ends up with a pool that they are overjoyed with. You are included every step of the way to make sure we create something that you cannot wait to look at, swim in and show off to your loved ones.

If you're looking into purchasing a pool, you may have noticed there are a tonne of pool builders around Brisbane, so why us?

Well, unlike some other companies that import their shells, we make ours here in Australia using innovative equipment and machinery. No timesavers are taken, and only the highest grade products are used. For us, it is not only about designing swimming pools that look fantastic, but safety is at the forefront of all our pool designs.

All of our pools have been purposely built with safety elements such as slip-resistant steps and surfaces, as well as a ledge that was formulated with young swimmers in mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties with our pools and workmanship to give you a lifetime of swimming worry-free.

With weather such as ours here in Brisbane, swimming is on the agenda for a good part of the year, and a fibreglass pool is likely to get a ton of use given the climate, but before diving head-first into pool ownership, you should know the following information:

Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for Brisbane

Pool safety and planning laws are enforced throughout Australia to ensure that new swimming pools are built to meet current building standards. Laws that apply in one part of the country may not for another so, you should be across what is expected given where you live. This is what you need to know when building your pool or spa here in Brisbane.

Before work can begin on your pool, your pool builder will need to get some paperwork in order first, and this includes submitting applications for a building permit, a structural stability permit and a sewerage and water supply approval. They will do this via your local council or a private certifier.

Once they get these back, they will notify you, and your pool builder can begin. Your pool builder will give you a domestic contract to read through and sign. This needs to be completed before construction starts. Once your pool has been built, it will need a safety barrier erected around it. It will then need to be inspected to ensure it meets strict pool fencing standards. Your Pool Builders Brisbane will look after your pool fencing for you.

All new pools and spas installed in Brisbane need to be registered on the Queensland Pool Safety Register. You can find more information here on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website

Which fibreglass pool is best suited to me in Brisbane?

For a long time now, fibreglass pools in brisbane have been the go-to choice for prospective pool purchasers, and as a result, thousands of yards feature this type of swimming pool. They come in seemingly endless shapes, sizes, colours and designs and sometimes it can be overwhelming deciding which type of going to be best for your family not just today but well into the future.

You don’t have to figure it out for yourself, our qualified team will run you through all of your options to bring you the ultimate swimming pool suited perfectly to your residence and lifestyle. Regardless of whether you have a little bit of space to work with or a lot, we have options to fit in the smallest of backyards right up to the biggest.

Can I use my pool all year round with Brisbane's weather?

The climate is pretty magnificent here in Brisbane. We are lucky enough to experience warm days virtually year-round with a couple of cold days here and there throughout winter. Living here allows you to enjoy plenty of sundrenched days around the pool. If you know you wouldn’t swim in winter because the water is too cold or you just want to be able to enjoy it more pleasantly, you may benefit from pool heating of some sort.

There are many options available, some are more expensive than others and some work better than others. If you would like this for your pool, it’s best to do a little research before committing to a particular type to ensure it’s the best fit for your pool and swimming requirements.

Our team can offer valuable advice on this if you would like some more information. The good thing about living in Brisbane is the winters are here and gone before you know it, and the need to use pool heating excessively during the year is unlikely. This can help to keep your heating costs down.

When installing a pool or spa with us here at Swimming Pools Brisbane, you can expect a world-class fibreglass pool that is superior in every way and customer service that is second to none. We have decades of experience installing pools on all types of sites, including sloping blocks and less than ideal terrains.

There hasn’t been a site to date that has been too difficult for us to install a pool on. The people of Brisbane choose us for all their pool needs. Pools are our absolute passion, and we’d love to be a part of creating something special at your place. For more information, get in touch today!

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