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Experience the state-of-the-art XLS Mineral system that delivers fantastic water quality and incredible transparency for your swimming pool. The XLS Mineral system utilises the latest technology and the highest grade minerals available in the market, ensuring the highest water quality achievable for your pool. Here at Swimming Pools Brisbane, we consistently go above and beyond to provide the best available technology to enhance your water quality. That's why you can purchase this incredible system from us today. Upgrade your pool with this amazing system and enjoy pristine water clarity like never before.


Experience the game-changing XLS Mineral System by Pool Controls, offering unparalleled cost savings and exceptional water quality for your mineral pool. This advanced system is designed to generate ultra-low mineral concentrations, reducing setup and maintenance expenses. With its superior water treatment capabilities, the XLS Mineral System sets new benchmarks in water softness, clarity, and overall swimming enjoyment. The premium-grade minerals used in this system provide a refreshing freshwater taste without any lingering chemical or chlorine residue.

The XLS Mineral System offers an array of remarkable features, including its integrated pH dosing system. This innovative feature ensures automatic maintenance of ideal pH levels in your pool water. By optimizing pH levels, the XLS Mineral System enhances the effectiveness of sanitizers and remains compatible with ozone and UV sanitation systems, providing you with flexibility in your pool maintenance choices. With the XLS Mineral System, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of optimal pH control, improved sanitization, and seamless compatibility with advanced sanitation technologies. Upgrade your pool to the XLS Mineral System for hassle-free pH management and elevated water quality, creating an unforgettable swimming experience.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that an XLS Mineral system will provide:

• Self-cleaning

• 3-year warranty

• Compatible with ozone and UV sanitising systems

• Made in Australia

• Reduces pool maintenance

• Optional – Automatically maintains the pH control for you

• Safe for anyone with skin conditions such as Eczema

• Compatible with ozone and UV sanitising systems

• Minimises pool maintenance

• No need for nasty chemicals which will in turn save you money

• Provides safe and incredibly clean swimming water

As well as having an extensive range of benefits, the XLS Minerals system has been designed to provide the perfect water quality and balance. Here are some of the minerals you will find when using your system:

• Magnesium- which is known to help with cramping and soreness of the muscles

• Borates (B) – Boracic acid (borates) which is fantastic at enhancing the quality of the water, this mineral is what helps to leave your water feeling soft and silky for an amazing swimming experience. This fantastic mineral also works in conjunction with the automatic pH system, it helps by being a pH buffer which means it makes it incredibly easy to maintain the perfect levels.

• Potassium Chloride (K) – Potassium chloride is known to alleviate muscle cramping symptoms.

It is no secret that mineral pools are not only far better for your body but are also better for your pool and your pool’s equipment as a mineral pool uses no nasty chemicals to keep your water clean. When it comes to incredibly clean water for your pool, you cannot get a more superior set up than an XSL Mineral System. If you would like more information on one of our XLS Mineral Systems please give us a call today and one of our friendly team here at Swimming Pools Brisbane would be more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have!

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