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The Medina 8.3m x 4.2m

The Medina

8.3m x 4.2m


Introducing The Medina 7.0m x 3.3m: The Medina pool model encapsulates a seamless blend of sleek and contemporary design, making it a perfect complement to modern residences. Its gracefully curved corners and easily accessible side entry steps contribute to a refined and sophisticated visual appeal. Adding to its charm, the Medina also features a wader bench, offering an ideal corner for relaxation.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • A contemporary design featuring square internal and external corners, thoughtfully eliminating any concerns of overhang when it comes to paving around the pool area.
  • No intrusive steps or ledges disrupt the fluidity, thus maximizing the available swimming space for unhampered enjoyment.
  • The Medina offers a generously sized seating area, which can be further elevated with the optional incorporation of spa jets, providing an additional layer of luxury and relaxation.

Diverse Pool Color Palette:

The realm of fibreglass pools has witnessed a rapid elevation in quality, all thanks to the integration of cutting-edge swimming pool technology. These pools offer not only an impressive array of shapes and sizes but also an extensive selection of captivating colours. Our range of fibreglass pool colours encompasses a Standard hue and eight additional shades, each meticulously designed with UV resistance in mind. Among the highly favored shades are Royal Blue Shimmer, Pacific Shimmer, and Ocean Shimmer. The popularity of Royal Jade Shimmer is also on the rise. It’s important to acknowledge that the actual water colour will subtly shift due to variations in light levels, sunlight exposure, shadows, shading, and the movement of the water’s surface.

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